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Link Puppy

Puppy Threads' inception started with this little fur ball, Link (named after the Zelda series). We adopted Link on the very first day that we moved into our first house (two big firsts in one day!)

When we were first shopping around for a collar, we couldn’t find anything that we were really drawn to. Out of necessity at the time (and realizing that a beautiful dog collar wouldn't just appear out of thin air at the pet store) we bought him a standard “dog bone” collar.

As Link grew bigger (which didn't take long), we started looking around, and couldn't find anything that suited either of us. Being the crafty self-starters that we are, we decided we would buy some fabric we loved and make our own. From there, we created multiple different dog collars and bandanas for Link. We grew in love with each of the designs. 

As time went on, we came to the realization that other dog owners might have this same problem; so we set out to create a company that creates fashionable dog accessories at a fair price for consumers.

All of the dog accessories that you will find here are handcrafted with love in North America. Our patterns are chosen to go with today's fashions - so your dog can go out and rock the show! Whether you're looking for a bow tie, bandana or apparel for your pup, we've tried to create a plethora of styles to make your best friend stand out.

Thank you for taking an interest in Puppy Threads!

-Seb, Penny, Link & Zelda