Rescuing The Princess (Life with a new puppy)

by Penelope P. December 29, 2016

I suppose you could say our puppy adventures were always a bit mad... We adopted our first dog on the very day that we moved into our first house (May 15th) - I went to adopt the puppy, while Seb moved our belongings and furniture with his friends. He was a beautiful half lab, half golden retriever puppy. He and his siblings were brought down from the North through a wonderful organisation,  Pilots N Paws Canada, and put up for adoption through our local SPCA. 


Our first day home

This was the very first puppy that my boyfriend and I had taken care of. Naturally, both of us being somewhat "nerdy", we named our pup Link (from the Zelda franchise). Like most new parents; we read many blogs, watched many videos and despite having a few late night sleep interruptions while potty training, a few ripped toilet paper rolls and a completely devoured dog bed - we couldn't imagine our lives without him.
We've given Link all of our love. We walk him, play tug-o-war, play fetch, hold his bully stick/bone as he chews it... But there were always moments when we felt he seemed lonely. Every time we brought him out to the dog park, or to go visit his fur cousin Betsey, he'd lose it. He was so elated to be around another dog, he could play for hours and never tire out!
Since we adopted Link in May, we knew we wanted him to have a brother or sister - one of the furry kind. We talked about our second dog being older; we had already had the puppy experience, the sleepless nights, the pee and poo cleanup on the hardwood floors & carpet... We were ready for a dog who had a bit of training. That's what we talked about... That's what we decided... So we thought.
Fast forward to December and the SPCA posts this photo:

It was love at first sight. I could not resist those big eyes. I could not resist that small fur ball. I immediately sent a photo to Seb and said that we had to adopt her. 
You might have seen this meme in the past, it is very much what happened to us.
(replace the word cat with puppy)

Sure, my boyfriend tried to talk me out of it ''Now's not the right time'' he said. Little did I know, he had already made his way to the SPCA and was signing the papers as we were talking. An hour or so later, he sent me this picture:

I immediately noticed that those were my floors, that was the bow tie and collar I had made just a few days earlier. She was ours! I lost it, I wept in front of my coworkers!!!
That's how Link rescued his Zelda (with a bit of help from his parents). Our story continues... Zelda still wakes us up in the morning, but her nights are already getting longer - and she's already so close to being fully house trained. The two absolutely adore each other, they love to play and ''share'' their toys (really, Zelda steals Link's toys and he just lets her get away with it). 
Stay tuned  for more of these family updates and our continued adventures with Zelda and Link :)

Penelope P.
Penelope P.


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